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Are you looking for just the right telecom solution? A better phone system, a faster internet or more secure network? XO Communications is here! With the latest technology and the movement towards cloud computing and reliability, XO has what you need. What good is your business if users can’t see you or get to their data? XO offers a platter full of options based on each customers specific needs.

Cloud computing is the next generation of telecommunications with services that include network security, CCOD, Storage & Backup as well as hosting solutions. XO offers a wide range of cloud computing solutions to start with:

Cloud Vault (backup)
Backup is always looked at AFTER files get deleted lost or destroyed un-intentionally. Get a cloud backup solution in place today and save the headaches associated with future loss.

Cloud Drive (file storage)
File storage is one of those tasks that most want to do, but don’t get around to it. With integrated file storage like Cloud Drive you will store files without realizing storage even exists. Take advantage today.

Cloud Computing (Enterprise level)
IAAS solutions allow businesses to be more flexible. Invest in multiple network connections with XO’s enterprise cloud computing platform. Invest for the future with cloud computing.

Some of our more traditional services include:

Hosted PBX (Business PBX)
PBC in the cloud is the new lingo around XO. Cloud PBX provides more flexibility with less stress of increased bandwidth, upgrades, etc.

VoIP Services (Business)
Bundle local and long distance services with XO’s business VoIP solutions.

Offering traditional SIP and Enterprise level SIP services for a wide range of businesses.

Contact Center on Demand (CCOD)
Choosing this type of call / contact center outsourcing provides the ability to shed the upfront costs that a typical setup would require.

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XO Communications
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Posted Wednesday, October 9th, 2013

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